The Great Brington Expedition!

I was anticipating yesterday for a few days following the Met Office’s heavy snow warning for the region. It was the perfect and rare opportunity to get outside and explore a winter wonderland on my doorstep; something us Northamptonians only get to experience every half decade or so. Well, at least in my own experience.

I planned a return walk from the Northampton suburb of Duston to the village of Great Brington some 5 miles away. En route time was about 1.5 hours each way at normal walking pace, give or take a few moments along the route to really take in the stunning views and sounds.

The route took me through the village of Upper Harlestone; past the Spencer Estate of Althorp; finally arriving at Great Brington. I made sure I wrapped up well and was well prepared as the forecast was for snow all day with a brisk northerly wind.

I thoroughly enjoyed this little expedition. I felt like I had achieved something given the prevailing weather conditions. Of course, this wasn’t an Antartica expedition, but just like Captain Scott, I was perhaps pushing my own personal envelope into what I could achieve if I set my mind to it – and it felt good! We all need those little achievements in our lives.

I only saw a handful of people en route and the odd mobile vehicle; not including those that had been abandoned! Everything was peaceful and unspoilt; a stark contrast to the urban chaos that I had left behind in Duston.

I took several photos on my phone and DSLR, some of which have been posted below. Such scenes won’t return for a long while perhaps, so I am glad that I made the decision to explore and capture.

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