Beast from the East

It wasn’t that long ago that I was proclaiming that spring had arrived. How premature I was!

Bitter easterly winds from Siberia have caused disruption across much of Europe in recent days as the so-called ‘Beast from the East’ knuckles down. As with any snow flurry, the UK seems to be worst affected and always grinds to a halt.

I was on volunteering duties today at my local art gallery and although I didn’t have to turn up because of the inclement weather, I was still keen to do so and walk there instead. Indeed, I couldn’t resist the rare opportunity to see Northampton town centre in the snow.

I find that seasonal snowfall is unique in its ability to immediately transform our surroundings; making the familiar less so. It alters my perception and makes me appreciate the transient beauty of the natural world and indeed life.

So although my rambles today had an objective in getting to and from the art gallery, I am grateful that winter stuck around for just a bit longer and refreshed my perspective.